Paul Greci

Alaska Literary Award, 2023

Paul Greci stands as a towering figure in the realm of Alaska wilderness survival novels, having penned four award-winning titles: “Surviving Bear Island,” “Follow the River,” “The Wild Lands,” and “Hostile Territory.” His gripping tale, “Surviving Bear Island,” was honored as the Alaska Reads book for 2022-23. Additionally, “The Wild Lands” captivated audiences as a 2022 State of Alaska Battle of the Books selection at the high school level. Both “Surviving Bear Island” and “Follow the River” have earned national acclaim as Junior Library Guild picks, cementing Paul’s status in the literary world.

With a teaching career spanning 33 years, mostly in Fairbanks, Alaska, Paul has dedicated his life to nurturing struggling and reluctant readers. His current role as a Special Education Teacher at Raven Homeschool reflects his enduring commitment to education. Paul’s storytelling, infused with the spirit of the Alaskan wilderness, is specifically tailored to engage these young minds.

Beyond the classroom and the written page, Paul is an active soul. Whether running, walking, and snowshoeing around Fairbanks, sea kayaking in Prince William Sound, or unwinding beside a woodstove with a good book, Paul embodies the adventurous Alaskan spirit.

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