Lucas Rowley

lucas headshot 2Alaska Literary Award, 2016
Connie Boochever Award, Literary Arts, 2013

Lucas Rowley was born and raised in Homer, Alaska, and is of Inupiaq, Scottish and Italian descent. He is an award-winning playwright and science fiction author, and has had readings in the last five years in Anchorage, New York City, Los Angeles and Albuquerque. He is a recipient of a Rasmuson Award for literary work (2012), a Connie Boochever artist fellowship award from the Alaska Arts & Culture Foundation for literary work (2013).

Lucas is developing his full length play, William, Inc. for a production and is excited to see a short story published next year with the Dirigibles of Denali project.  He loves hunting, fishing, building costumes, and spending time with his children.

Excerpt from William, Inc., theatrical script

Act I

Scene 1

(Lights up on WILLIAM, JOKER, SHADOW, and TRADITIONAL WOMAN enter the room.)


Hey guys.


Ok, everyone here? (smacks gavel) Welcome to the quarterly meeting of William J. Erickson Individual Native Corporation Board Meeting Inside His Head.

Treasurer… present. Secretary? Secretary?


Yah Yah Yah, thanks Joker. William, it’s been a while since our last board meeting, so much for quarterly. You’ve ben stuffing us.


Yeah, I’ve been having a hard time guys. Work is getting to me, the bills are piling up, and I’m never around the family enough.


You know what the answer to that is William.


Oh, real typical Shadow. I’m not going to party, ok? I know you’re evil incarnate or whatever, but come on. I’m smarter than that. I know where it will lead. Besides, I’m the executive director, you guys are just members of the board.