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Please contact ASCA Community Arts Program Director Charlie Sears at charles(dot)sears(at) Stay well, and we are grateful for all that you do! (lastest update: 12/30/2020 – Resources are ordered from newest to oldest)

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Items of Interest

Items of Interest

  • Rasmuson Foundation – Individual Artist AwardsProject Awards and Fellowships are designed to provide artists living and working in Alaska the resources to concentrate and reflect on their work, to immerse themselves in a creative endeavor, and to experiment, explore and develop their artistry more fully. It is our hope that these investments result in substantial contributions to Alaska’s culture, the vibrancy of our communities and to art itself.In addition to individual artists, groups and collaboratives — two or more artists working together — are eligible for Project Awards and Fellowships. A musical band, a dance company and a multimedia collective are some examples.

    New this year: Paper applications must be delivered or postmarked by Feb. 15 to allow processing time. The deadline for online applications is March 1.

  • Save our Stages Act passes as part of Provisions for Arts and Culture Sector in FY21 Year-End Omnibus and COVID-19 ReliefTo learn more about arts and culture sector provisions in the FY21 Year-End Omnibus and COVID-19 Relief legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President, visit Theatre Communications Group and Performing Arts Alliance’s update overview of the legislation at; Visit the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies brief on the legislation for an overview at

    Visit the National Independent Venue Association’s brief on the Save our Stages Act at to learn more about provisions for performing arts venues and organizations.