Emily Wall

Alaska Literary Award, 2023

Hailing from the scenic landscapes of Douglas, Alaska, Emily Wall serves as a beacon of poetic inspiration as a Professor of English at the University of Alaska. Emily, a distinguished alumna with an M.F.A. in poetry from the University of Arizona, weaves her words into a tapestry of expression that has graced journals throughout the US and Canada. Her commitment to the art of poetry has earned her multiple nominations for the esteemed Pushcart Prizes.

Her chapbook “Flame” emerged as a triumphant winner of the Minerva Rising Dare to Be chapbook prize, showcasing her prowess in crafting succinct, powerful verses. Emily’s talent has been recognized with two Rasmuson Individual Artist Awards and a pair of grants from the Juneau Arts Council, underlining her significant contribution to the literary world.

Emily’s poetic journey is marked by the creation of six profound books of poetry. “Fig,” “Fist,” and “Flame” are chapbooks that found their voice through Minerva Rising Press. “Liveaboard” and “Freshly Rooted” have sailed into the hearts of readers via Salmon Poetry. Her latest work, “Breaking Into Air: Birth Poems,” takes flight under the wings of Red Hen Press, exploring the intricate dance of new life.

In the quietude of Douglas, Alaska, Emily Wall continues to craft verses that resonate with the rhythm of life, capturing the essence of human experience through her poetic lens.

She can be found online at www.emily-wall.com.