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All designs are welcome but we’re particularly interested in those that celebrate aspects of our unique Alaskan identity.

For law enforcement reasons, we do need to follow a few rules. It’s probably easiest to use one of our helpful Design Templates.

  • The background color and plate number color need to be contrasting for easy reading.
  • The license plate needs to accommodate six characters for passenger vehicles and five for motorcycles.
  • The design should fit on a 6” x 12” plate.
  • The top 1 ¼” of the banner is reserved for the word “ALASKA” and the month and year validation tabs.
  • The bottom 1” banner may contain a message, example: THE LAST FRONTIER or ALASKA 4 LYFE.
  • Four mounting holes will be placed 2 ⅜” from the edge and ⅝” from top to bottom.

Design Templates:

The easiest way to put together your entry is to drop your design into our Photoshop Template. We also have a printable PDF Template or JPG Template that can help to guide your process.

Submissions will be accepted through from February 28 to April 24, 2017 through the Alaska Artistic License Call for Entry at CaFÉ.

Finalists will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges (!), and then a public voting process will pick the final design. A small stipend will be provided to all the finalists.