Christopher Lee Miles

Alaska Literary Award, 2020

Christopher Lee Miles was born and raised in the rural Midwest. He is the author of one collection of poetry, Armor & Ornament (2019). He is a veteran of the US Navy and lives in Fairbanks. Miles earned an MFA from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He currently works with rural Alaska and Alaska Native students at the Interior Alaska Campus. His poems have appeared in the Cincinnati Review; Salamander; Sugarhouse Review; War, Literature, and the Arts; and West Branch.

Armor & Ornament (2019) was published by the University of Alaska Press, Alaska Literary Series and distributed by the Chicago Press Books. The University of Alaska Press website says of Mile’s book of poetry, “These are Christian poems that have a deep and unapologetic understanding of God’s world, and they explore, with steady faith, all sides of this world. As a military veteran, Miles also centers his poetry amongst war. Through tone and voice, warfare permeates these poems, providing poetry that relies less on the traditional, Christian tension of doubt and shaken faith than on the inherent tension of a broken world. This resonant new collection melds deep rooted spirituality with contemporary tensions, offering modern psalms for a tumultuous and uncertain age.”