Ben Huff

Visual Arts 2011

Ben was born in LeClaire, Iowa in 1973, spent ten years along the Front Range of Colorado, and finally moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2005, where he taught at the University of Alaska. He currently lives, and teaches, in Juneau. Ben’s photography has been exhibited at many venues in Alaska as well as in selected exhibitions in locations all over the U.S. and internationally in France, Cambodia and China.

“Mr Huff’s work avoids the temptation to cynically catalog human shortsightedness and foolishness in his effort to provoke a discussion we seem afraid to embark on, the quest for some as yet unknown form of human cooperation. The figurative Dalton Highway in his pictures might be the last road we can hope to set out on without having to deal with a firestorm, forced on us by our continuing reluctance to sit down together with the questions we seemingly can’t bring ourselves to address as a nation”

Barry Lopez, author of Arctic Dreams

* 10 pictures from the permanent collection of Museum of the North @ the University of Alaska Fairbanks are on exhibition now through December 2015. Also, copies of The Last Road North monograph are for sale in the museum bookstore.