Latitude: 2014 Arts Convergence

The top 10 reasons you should attend the Latitude: 2014 Alaska Arts Convergence in Anchorage, May 1-3. Register now!


1. The opening keynote by Richard Evans, The Real Work – New Practices for a New Era in the Arts, will inspire you with new and innovative ideas for your work. After Richard’s keynote we will be unveiling a new program-a partnership of the Rasmuson Foundation, EmcArts, Foraker Group and ASCA-that will stimulate innovation and adaptive leadership capacity in Alaskan arts organizations.

2. YOU ARE HERE: 61° N / 149° W. This speed-PechaKucha plenary session will showcase innovative Alaskan artistic projects in rapid succession–twenty 149-second presentations in 61 minutes.

3. At First Friday’s Latitude: Passport event, explore downtown Anchorage with a map that will guide you to the Latitude venues, where artists will place a custom piece of artwork in your Latitude Passport. Added bonus: book artist Susan Joy Share and graphic designer Karen Larsen created the Passport, a work of art in and of itself!

4. See a show! Check out the opening night of Anchorage Concert Association’s broad ways show, Memphis (for 50% off, enter the discount code “latitude”). Or the world premiere of Dick Reichman’s AUDITION at Cyrano’s Theatre Company (for 50% off, enter the discount code “passport”).

5. Networking, networking, networking! There is no better opportunity to connect with your colleagues, meet new ones and be inspired by Alaskan artists.

6. See great art, create your own art! Enjoy pop-up performances throughout the conference and take a networking break in the art-making space to flex your own creative muscle.

7. Learn new skills. From a diverse slate of conference sessions, to group or one-on-one consultations with experts, Latitude will inspire you with new ideas and provide nuts-and-bolts information on a variety of topics, from technology and web development to strategic planning and capacity building.

8. Learn about national trends in the arts from our special guests from EmcArts, Topos Partnership, the National Endowment for the Arts and more.

9. Share your voice in a conference-wide discussion about the future of the arts in Alaska. On Saturday the conference will move to the Alaska Center for Performing Arts, where we will spend the day together thinking and sharing ideas about how the Alaska State Council on the Arts can most effectively support artists and arts organizations, while strategically connecting the arts to state priorities such as economic development, thriving communities and healthy citizens.

10. What better way to shake off winter and dive into spring? Transition into the new season among friends, colleagues, art, and ideas!

May 1-3, 2014, at the Captain Cook Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska

The ​Alaska ​State ​Council ​on ​the ​Arts ​invites ​you ​to ​explore ​new ​territory ​during ​our ​statewide ​arts ​and ​culture ​conference. ​Latitude: ​2014 ​Alaska ​Arts ​Convergence ​will ​be ​held ​in ​Anchorage ​from ​May ​1-3. ​

Latitude ​offers ​traditional ​conference ​elements ​such ​as ​panels, ​plenary ​speeches, ​and ​networking ​opportunities, ​along ​with ​ways ​to ​connect ​with ​individual ​artists, ​arts ​organizations ​and ​their ​communities. ​

Additionally, ​we ​will ​expand ​the ​scope ​of ​conference ​activities ​through ​a ​number ​of ​innovations, ​including

• ​Integrated ​artist ​performances ​and ​presentations, ​including ​an ​off-site ​First ​Friday ​“Passport” ​event ​that ​activates ​public ​spaces, ​artists, ​and ​galleries ​beyond ​the ​conference ​rooms. ​

• ​Artistic ​responses ​to ​general ​sessions

• ​Pop-up ​arts ​activities ​and ​performances

• ​Opportunities ​for ​attendees ​to ​impact ​the ​future ​direction ​of ​the ​arts ​in ​Alaska ​through ​high-level ​plenary ​sessions ​and ​working ​group ​break-out ​sessions.

• ​An ​intensive ​Creative ​Capital ​professional ​development ​training ​for ​individual ​artists ​that ​will ​be ​held ​Friday, ​May ​2-Sunday, ​May ​3. ​Because ​space ​is ​limited, ​artists ​must ​apply ​to ​participate ​here: ​ ​The ​deadline ​for ​applying ​was March ​24, ​2014.

• ​A ​high-level ​professional ​development ​seminar ​for ​musicians ​that ​will ​be ​held ​on ​Saturday, ​May ​3rd ​and ​led ​by ​the ​esteemed ​Storm ​Gloor, ​a ​music ​business ​professor ​at ​the ​University ​of ​Colorado-Denver. ​Because ​space ​is ​limited, ​musicians ​must ​apply ​to ​participate ​here: ​ ​

Please ​note ​that ​a ​special ​50% ​discount ​rate ​is ​being ​offered ​for ​independent ​professional ​artists ​and ​students ​(current ​student ​I.D. ​required ​at ​check-in). ​For ​more ​information, ​please ​contact ​Keren ​Lowell ​at: ​ ​ASCA ​will ​also ​offer ​a ​limited ​number ​of ​travel/tuition ​scholarships ​for ​participants ​traveling ​to ​Anchorage ​to ​attend. ​The applications period ​for ​scholarships ​has closed.

The Alaska State Council on the Arts is a state agency that fosters the development of the arts for all Alaskans through education, partnerships, grants and services.

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